Barker Road Methodist Church Little Lights Preschool
70 Barker Rd, Singapore 309936
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My girl is currently studying at BRMC Little Lights Kindergarten at Barker Road. We love the school as parents and my girl loves it as a student. The teachers are caring, firm and inspiring. Administration is professional with good customer service. The indoor & outdoor facilities are great. The classrooms are sound proof, bright and spacious. The curriculum is well thought through and delivered. Parent updates are also very regular. We especially love their enrichment programme: Mandarin Immersion (MI) class. My girl's mandarin improved by leaps and bounds since we enrolled her here. I will not hesitate to recommend this school.

Review №2

Went for a school tour twice. Stark difference! First was in 2019 and although there seemed to be a mix up of tour timings, a teacher very graciously brought us around and the kids were all smiling and happily singing, waving hi to the teacher bringing us around.We almost confirmed our spot in brmck, until a nagging feeling told me to do a serving tour. Did one a couple of months ago.. and we brought our son along this time. An admin person showed us around, she literally regurgitated everything she memorised from a script (I know because she paused and you can see her trying to remember what she memorised). No efforts made by any teacher to engage my son, told my son off for wandering and touching things and seemed extremely flustered that they would need to do a clean after the tour because my son touched everything. Sure, I understand that during covid you’ll need to double efforts to sanitize, then maybe don’t conduct in person tours if you’re not willing to clean up after your visitors!Went home and was just shocked by this difference. Read up and realised Teachers are unhappy because of a change in management. And reading other reviews of how kids are so unhappy in brmck, I’m glad I decided not to send my child here..

Review №3

Lousy principal who allow their teachers to mismanaged

Review №4

Good kindergarten

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2.8 Rating
  • Address:70 Barker Rd, Singapore 309936
  • Site:
  • Phone: 65 6255 8430
  • Kindergarten
  • Day care center
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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