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810 Geylang Rd, #01-67A, City Plaza, Singapore 409286

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Service very Best,服务好

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I have a p30pro from Huawei since April 2019, 2 years and half....its an incredible phone, and its working very well,.although I cracked the screen more than a year ago, as well as my camera glass cover ...getting original parts in France was out of question, for cost concern. As I was killing time during quarantine, I searched for a repair shop on line, and thats how I got in touch with mister mobile. I quickly whatsapped them, and we set up an appointment at city plaza, the nearest shop to my hotel.They told me first how much it would cost to repair, and in view of all Im doing with the phone, compared to the cost of replacing a new one, the hassle of the reconfiguration, I agreed to it .3 pm sharp, I showed up at city plaza, and after a quick check, handed over my beloved digital partner.They mentioned it would take 1 hour and half, but needed 2 hours.So I wandered around the place, unable to go in the shopping center because my covid app was of course in the long did these 2 hours last....I cant imagine what heartache it would be to loose my phone....But 2 hours after, I got my baby back, strapped tightly with rubber bands, to gold the screen in place and give time to the glue to strengthen.....its magic, because it works like the original screen. No adjustment needed, facial recognition ok, fingerprints ok, camera perfect.....The repair is so well done I might keep the phone for another 2 years ......So Im glad, the price , although expensive (216 sgd) saves me a lot of hassle, the only bad point is that they charge 3% extra if we pay with visa. But anyway, in my case It wasnt going to spoil the joy to have an almost new phone again. Well done mister mobile .

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A part of my phone screen was unresponsive to touch but the staff I was served by (Jun) was really helpful and efficient in helping me to replace my screen. The price was much more reasonable then going to the Apple Store and comes with 90 days warranty. The process also only took 1hr so I wouldnt have to miss many important messages or notifications! Would definitely recommend their service :)

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Brought a brand new OnePlus 9 and brought to mister mobile for camera removal. Service was professional and servicing person ensured that phone was fully functional after the job, I was at first worried since I wont get to see the removal in progress but since its a OnePlus authorized servicing centre, I decided to take my leap of faith. He even assisted to help install a screen protector which is not purchased from the store. Overall very pleasant with the service. Have not tested the phone at home yet as I m currently on the way home, but If after 1 month of usage, and phone has no issues Ill definitely make mister mobile my no 1 go to repair shop and recommend to my friends. Kudos mister mobile.

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1st visit:My phone got cracked and I went for replacement for the screen. LCD is fine hence only change the cracked glass around end April. Waited for 2.5 hours and issue resolve, pay 300 bucks for the repair.2nd visit:Early June my phone LCD suddenly went blackout while watching my Netflix. So I get to the customer service, and claimed that the warranty is expire as it is given 30 days only. The customer service ask me to go down to check 1st. So I have fixed an appointment and went down, show it to the guy there, tell him the story of what happened. Without even checking, he straight said that the LCD is spoiled. Then I ask the 2nd time, suddenly another came out and said will help me check. After 1 hour of waiting, they said the LCD is spoiled. Repairment fee is another 330 bucks. I was shocked, and the guy said will include a screen protector for me. After thinking awhile, and I need my phone to do work, I agree to let them do it. Hence another 2 hours of waiting and I got my phone fixed.Early July. Now my phone got blackout again! Then the LCD came back. And now go blackout again. After the 2nd repair, when you press the screen you can definitely hear the crack sound like something missing and its not the solid feel.. Not sure if there is anything missing. And It is over the expiry date again! Just nice after the 30 days.... Im afraid to go back to the shop again as the same scenario is going to happen if I go down. And they going to start charging me again. If I just go Samsung centre and let them do the job its all good for 400 bucks and more trustable. Well, lesson learnt. I hope those reading this can learn something from it.

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Just replaced my phone battery. Did a few checks before proceeding with changing and they still cleaned some stains from the back of my phone. Takes about 1hr to finish.

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