Amber Beila (Beauty World)
14 Chun Tin Rd, Singapore 599601

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垃圾黑店,在fave看到有优惠, $33 x 3 sessions for SHR, 一来到就拉我进去consult一个小时不放人。开始拿张纸出来写写写,一直hardsale我, 从$2+++ 扣到 $16++ 我还是说不要,到后来说可以upgrade这次的优惠到$1++ 可以享受真正的除毛, 我还是坚持说不要,你就是越hardsale我,我就是越不买!okay,终于肯放我走,可以进去做了,结果只是帮我做了30秒,就结束了。还给我摆张臭脸。有意思吗?你们这间黑店公司骗顾客来,顾客不要买就这样对待顾客吗?我付$33 + GST 本来有3次,现在我就算亏了我的钱还有剩的那2次我都不要回来!一次就够了!浪费金钱时间!Worst beauty saloon ever!Found this promo on Fave, thought it’s $33 x 3 sessions of SHR but ended up being consulted blah blah blah for at least 1 hour before the treatment. Wasted my time!Bad service and show me black face after I rejected the consultant for a several times. I told her a million times I don’t need a package.Finally can get out from the room, I thought can finally do my treatment already.But ended up paying $33 for only 30 secs of the SHR. Then asked me to put on my clothes liao. What?!Are you serious?! This is the most ridiculous SHR experience in my life! 30secs can’t even do anything. I take my card from my bag to pay you all also take longer than my treatment man.You all think la. Still wanna sign for their ridiculous package with these kind of customer service?! Unless you think your money is your enemy and wanna get rid of it la!Will never recommend to anyone at all! Rubbish

Review №2

I went for the deep pore cleansing for back first then went for a light treatment based on advice that it would lighten acne scars. Results came quick, it has made a difference just after 1 session. Environement is very comfortable and nice, overall a pleasant experience:)

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Was attended by Novelle at Amber Beila (Chun Tin), did my backacne treatment here for months. It has improved alot and Im happy with the results! Thank you!

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  • Phone:+65 6365 2668
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