Ohana by Adam's Corner
562 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218178

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Fabu Mondo

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The portion is moderate or rather is big and the taste surprisingly is good. Kinda pull off reading the comments but decided to give it a try. :)

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Sales promoters came at my doorstep. Hesitated whether want to buy $30 coupon. Location of this restaurant is extremely faraway from my home. They assured me that the food will be warm upon arriving. Thought just to help support local F&B business, decided to give a try. Very disappointed!! All dishes arrived accurately on fathers day (20th Jun) but were very cold. Smoothie had turned to fruit juice which was very diluted, cant even taste the flavour. Vegetables turned bad & salty. Cereal prawns not very fresh, difficult to peel off the shells. Food quality so-so. First time and last time ordering from them.

Review №5

Bought the $30 coupon so decided to give it a try. Dinner had to be ordered before 3pm and there was only one timing interval to choose when the food should arrive (5-8pm). The food came at 4.30pm (who even has dinner this early??) and my goodness literally everything that came was not fresh. There was something very off about the stingray and prawns, and the chicken was hard. Looking at other similar reviews, it was a major regret not reading them prior to ordering from them.It wasnt enjoyable at all and I didnt want to give any reviews at first and just call it a bad decision...but got woken up by horrible stomach pains and hope this saves others from having to experience this.

Review №6

I tried a few times but the food is too spicy. The western food is way too peppery and the Indian food is way to oily. The price is high.

Review №7

I’m also one of the victims approached by their voucher salesman. Thankfully as someone who cook often, I said I’m not interested and cold hearted enough to withstand their persistence.Upon checking the reviews, it seems like the only thing warm about the restaurant is their voucher salesman’s attitude.Not that my review will make much of a difference to the current ratings, but here’s some advice (with a pinch of salt of course)Take a few days off and evaluate your kitchen’s culinary capabilities. Poor tastebuds can’t differentiate between poop and chocolate. Perhaps get unbiased individuals with a more credible tongue for taste tests. Sometimes, one might only be capable of performing when pointed at the right direction.It’s a pity that their bright-lit signs always catch my attention, tempting me to step in for a meal, but the fundamentals of F&B is not decor.

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Bought the 2x F&B $30 voucher previously to support local when a promoter came knocking at our door. Sales promoter told us we only needed to order few hours in advance but when ordering it was not such the case. It was the next day at earliest. We ordered the food and surprisingly it was delivered pretty cold. Food didnt taste fresh and probably my neighbour who dont cook often and well can achieve the same standard. Dread to utilise the 2nd voucher. What was promised and what was delivered was not the same standard and quality not up to standard especially for the price. Would not recommend.

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Sales promoter knocked on my door, selling the $30 food voucher. I wanted to support but looking at the reviews, I got worried about inviting potential trouble my family doesnt really eat out and often cook ourselves anyway. As such I turned the sales promoter down respectfully and mentioned mentioned that I will drop by to dine in when restrictions are lifted. However, her response was so you dont want to take this chance to support SGs local business? I got a shock and felt that the paggro was not necessary As a local business owner myself, I understand ohanas hardships of starting their own business and will want to support you guys as much as possible. However, I wish to avoid the situation of maybe placing an order and having it not come/come late. I hope that others will not have a similar experience and be guilt-tripped into buying

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2.5 Rating
  • Address:562 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218178
  • Site:
  • Phone:+65 9685 8468
  • Asian fusion restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Event venue
  • Halal restaurant
  • Indian restaurant
  • Meal delivery
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–10pm
  • Tuesday:10am–10pm
  • Wednesday:10am–10pm
  • Thursday:10am–10pm
  • Friday:10am–10pm
  • Saturday:10am–10pm
  • Sunday:10am–10pm
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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