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Review №1

The teachers are really patient with the students and aimed to cover as much details within the lesson time. A great balance of guiding work and self-work, ensuring us to fully understand the topic.I really enjoy attending lessons here!Brenda HuangOutram Secondary School

Review №2

The centre has very clear notes which has helped me understand even the most challenging topics like electromagnetism. Accompanying the notes are exercises specially picked from a range of school exam papers. Saves time and money on practising exam papers and revising. Thanks sg physics :)

Review №3

Mr Khoo has really helped me a lot to reinforce some concepts that I may have misunderstood. His teaching is engaging, he makes sure that everyone can follow and understand what he is teaching. Mr Khoo also revises the subtopics taught the previous lesson to make sure that everyone has their foundation right. I think he is a good teacher :)

Review №4

Mr Khoo is a very caring teacher and ensures that we are all able to follow the lesson. The lesson materials are comprehensive and detailed with questions that cater towards the weaknesses of students for the particular topic:)

Review №5

I joined this physics tuition class at the start of 2020 and have been a student of teacher wynn’s for almost two years now. In his classes, he usually goes through the current/next chapter being taught in school in depth with his notes for the first part of the lesson and moves on to the practice questions where we will be assigned questions to do based on the common mistakes and problems us students face. He goes through the questions thoroughly, stopping along the way to clarify any student’s doubts. With his amazing method of teaching, I have managed to boost my physics grade from a C5 to A1-2. I am very thankful that I have managed to maintain my grade because of the constant assistance he provides. Needless to say, Teacher Wynn is a great tutor and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor.Randell, Edgefield Secondary

Review №6

Mr khoo is a very kind and caring teacher who has helped me improve in my Physics a lot.He always ensures that everyone is able to keep up with the pace of the lesson, and goes through topics throughly.

Review №7

Mr Khoo helped me to reinforce the concepts of physics better, such that every time I do a question now, all the formulas are at the tip of my fingers. The practices given are also challenging, and it pushes me to do better. I feel more confident in my physics are joining his class! :)

Review №8

The teacher is very patient and always waits till the class is ready and following before he moves on very responsible. recommend people to join this tuition!-briant krss

Review №9

Mr Khoo is a really nice and friendly teacher and he has helped me understand physics better:)

Review №10

My grades in POA went from an f9 to a c5 within a span of 2 months. Would definitely recommend

Review №11

Mr Khoos lessons are easy to understand and I have improved from an F9 to a C5 during my eoys last yr from attending his lessons :)Hui XinManjusri secondary school

Review №12

In sec three, I just couldn’t understand what was taught in class and regretted my decision of taking physics as part of my subject combination. However, after seeking help in term 3, i found physics a rather interesting and fun subject. Gaining confidence in physics have definitely played a huge part in improving my grades! Mr Khoo constantly make sure that i wasnt left out and cleared all my doubts during online lessons. Knowing that i will have a deeper understanding in physics, i certainly look forward to his lesson every week!Shyann LamChua Chu Kang Secondary School

Review №13

Mr Khoo patiently answers all questions that I have and doesn’t hesitate to give free consultation outside of class. My physics has improved with all the additional practices I’m given! Thankyou! -NYGH Hsin Peng

Review №14

I enjoyed every Physics lesson with Mr Khoo as he explains the concepts clearly and systematically. This helps me to understand and follow the lesson easily. Sometimes Mr Khoo will make a summary of the concepts and formulas of a topic, which gives me an overview of it and helps me comprehend it better. Mr Khoo also frequently checks with students throughout the lesson to make sure that we understand what he is teaching. As such, under Mr Khoos guidance, I am doing well in Physics in school.-Ariel (AMKSS)

Review №15

Mr Khoos explanation is on point and he addresses my learning gaps effectively. His notes and worksheets have helped me to ace the subject. Thanks Mr Khoo!Yashwin RoyPSS

Review №16

Mr khoo is a very patient teacher and has helped me understand poa alot better as he always explains it in the easiest way possible. thank you mr khoo for helping me get from a fail to an A

Review №17

It is a great tuition centre for physics. I really like how the teacher structures the class and I find it really effective! Mr Khoo makes sure every student in the class is on the same page.I was failing physics in sec 3 but now I’m getting A2-B3 from F9.Bryan TangMaris Stella High School

Review №18

Mr Khoo is patient and clear in his explanation. My physics has improved after joining :-)isabel from stc

Review №19

I first start class in late 2020 through the crash course for Secondary 3 students to clear up my many misconception that i had even though I had tuition classes at a different centre. Through the crash course I was delighted that I am able to adopt to the style of the teachers explanation in the physics way! Instead of using examples that are totally unrelated to physics. After the crash course i was thankful that all my misconceptions have been fully cleared of and thus decided to continue as a permanent student in 2021. As I continued with the same teacher this year I am proud to say that I personally do not think that Physics is a hard subjects. When stuck, my teacher would patiently explain and analyse the questions with us and ensure that we understand and are able to apply the different skills and requirements needed for the questions! A good choice for those who are considering on embarking on a class for physics!Haw Yu HengCHIJ SECONDARY

Review №20

So far through this centre ,I learnt more about poa and I understand it better as well. The teacher would ask if you need help which I think is a good point about this tuition to help one to understand the topic.

Review №21

Grace teo, kent ridge secondary school

Review №22

This tuition is very good with concepts being explained well and a sufficient amount of practice is provided to ensure students are familiar with the conceptR Mukilan SJI

Review №23

Mr Khoo teaches in a very systematic and easy to understand way. He is clear in his explanations and provides high quality learning material. He is also very helpful and responds quickly to texts. Highly recommend

Review №24

Practices given are effective and helpful to me. Initially, I started of with a C grade with physics. After joining the centre, I have seen significant improvement in my grades and even scored an A for Mid-year exam.Isaac ChaiAnderson Secondary School

Review №25

I understand physics so much moreLike b4 I went for this tuition I didn’t understand kinematics but now I doRoy tanFMSS

Review №26

Teacher (Mr Khoo) there is extremely fun and enjoyable to work with, and is very patient with my fellow classmates and myself. will recommend!Jon SST

Review №27

Ever since gotten into this poa tuition, I have finally passed my poa vs last Yr without poa tuition I failed miserablyI recommend this tuition centre as the teachers r patient and answer all queries without hesitation ~Hui En~ -4N2-(Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School)

Review №28

Mr Khoo is a patient teacher and explains in great detail, my results really flew from b4 to a1 in a few months. Really recommend this tuition center!Jovan TanMaris Stella High School

Review №29

Mr Khoo is awesome and a great teacher ! He explains to us instructions clear and in detail , he is very nice and kind to us and thus makes his tuition a fun and comfortable environment :)

Review №30

I joined the tuition in around may 2021 because i was struggling with physics in school and i was in need of help. Over the few months that i have been at the tuition, i learned many tips and tricks that helped me to better understand many physics concepts. It’s sage to say that the tuition has helped to improve as i pulled my grades up from a E8 to a B3 in just one term. I really recommend this tuition! Jonas mshs

Review №31

I am able to grasp the concepts taught and revised by Mr Khoo well after he goes through the topics and questions and it has helped me to improve my Physics alot especially before my Prelims and O Levels and I now feel more confident for Physics as compared to before joining this tuition centre.

Review №32

I was struggling with understand the concepts and how to apply the concepts to the qnsThese lessons are very helpful and beneficial as he corrects my mistakes in my work during lesson allowing me to learn from my mistakesHe also makes sure we understand what he is going thru before moving on to the next question-nchs

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