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好玩。Eugene 好有善。不要穿牛仔裤来玩。

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非常完美的服务 ,谢谢naz的贴心与耐心指教与指点,下次还会再带朋友来体验

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Silas & Denise were very friendly, accommodating and helpful at all times. The courses were great and fun! Very tiring at the end of the day but filled with great laughter and joy

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Great experience and definitely and enriching one. Totally should go for the ALL ACCESS pass, you get to experience EVERYTHING at one go. I was glad that my partner bought the all access otherwise i would have left the place with regrets. Definitely worth-it!!!Aishah was a great instructor who frequently watch over the safety of those in the group. Thankful for her service. She has a great sense of humor too and very encouraging. Conquered the two Jump in the Air (red harnest required!! Dont forget to clip on!) with her encouragements. Feeling was damn awesome! Totally got over my fear of heights for awhileLove the parabolic slide! If you aint have enough, go for the fireman slides and the other slides available. Rmb to wear pants that are of a smoother material otherwise you might end up like my partner who cant have a fun time down the slide.The Aerial Glider was fun but not as fun as those high elements. Brought back memories of OBS during sec school.

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Great place with great fun and great facilitators! Obstacles were right level of difficulty yet still conquerable! Come early to maximise the time here

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We tried the all-access pass, and it was so fun! The 3h duration was just right, so it’s worth a try. Joey and Sabrina were a great sport, approachable and their instructions were clear. Love their demos too We would visit again the next time!

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Great location with numerous activities to do. Facilitator Aza was great in managing the groups movements and made the whole journey pleasant. Slight bit of waiting time in between activities but it was all worthwhile.

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The experience here was incredible, definitely a fun place suitable for all ages. Each elements my friends and I was shouting out in excitement. JOEY and AISHAH was super helpful and fun to be with, instructions was clear and they make sure we get the most fun out of each rock wall. Highly 102% recommend this DAMN SOLID place and find these awesome instructors!! ‍

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Great experience and place is clean and socially distanced for all climbers! Special shout-out to Joey and Silas for making our experience an amazing one and guiding us throughout the adventure. An adventure indeed️

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This place was honestly so much fun , I definitely thinks it’s worth the money as the courses and obstacles are extremely cool and challenging . The staff was super friendly , I had Silas and Joey as our instructors and they really helped keep up the energy and looked after us well , Silas also had some killer dance moves . The music taste here is also impeccable, a lot of old classics

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It was very fun and challenging! There are many activities which will get your heart rate pumping (although you may want to reconsider signing up if you are very afraid of heights).The instructors are very friendly and helpful. If you get stuck on one of the obstacles, they will guide you along so don’t be afraid!-1 star as it is quite pricey for the amount of time you can spend in there.

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Tbh about to give 4 stars cos i got unlucky, one of station building stairs rubber thingy broke and expose sharp metal inside and slight cut both of my fingers..but yeah came this one pretty lady(didnt catch her name tho) to help me out with plasters..made my day!! Hahah btw should low down the price abit..quite ex and do something with the helmets..wash etc..smells bad hahaha anyway see you guys next time!.

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We had a great time with our instructor Joey, there are so many climbing courses to choose from and we had great guidance from the staff there as well! Definitely recommended for climbers of all skill levels!

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We had lots of fun and time passed really quickly. the place looks clean and new. it’s very kid friendly and good for some weekend family fun. make sure when you come you follow the time slots if not you’ll be late (because you will be travelling in groups). joey was attached to our group and she was really nice, detailed in her explanations and we enjoyed her presence. will definitely come again!

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Very friendly and experienced instructors (Joey and Naufal). However due to the COVID restrictions, time is limited and we couldn’t fully experience some elements. Nonetheless, a very good experience.

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Awesome place to spend my weekends, the obstacles was extremely fun and challenging on each level. Joey and Aishah was energetic and pushes everyone to try everything within their capabilities. Highly recommended and awesome facilitation from Joey and Aishah

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Jazil was a great instructor, very patient and helpful!! Great experience and sufficient time to play recommended for those who have no experience climbing

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The overall experience is wonderful! The stations difficulties are manageable and good for young and teenagers. Putri is a fabulous instructor and very knowledgeable. She definitely made the trip a worthy one. Definitely recommended!

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We had a fun filled afternoon with Aza and Sabrina . They were energetic and explained the courses well to keep us safe.A good place to come with friends or familyPlan a good meal after , you’ll have earned it!

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Super fun, and a great way to spend the day!!!! Special shout out to silas and Joey for being incredible staff!! Will definitely recommend and will be coming back soon!!

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Been here twice, absolutely loved it both times! Sabrina was super helpful in pushing me to get over my fear of heights and just made the whole experience so much fun.

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Aza and Eriza were amazing. Facilities are fantastic, super fun, challenging, exhausting and most importantly, safe!! A great workout - make sure you come prepared for a 3h full body workout!!! Will be back here for sure!

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Really had a lot of fun especially on the long fireman slide, and it was great challenging ourselves to the different obstacles! Thank you to all the lovely guides especially Joey and Sabrina for the wonderful experience and cheering us on to complete the course

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Had a REALLY good time at Adventure HQ. Zaf and Sab are the best instructors! They helped and encouraged us when we faced difficulties doing the obstacles. Lilam also helped me when I was stuck doing the high elements course.No problem doing it during the covid period. Even when the restriction tightens and we had to change our schedule. They had kindly offered us a reschedule at anytime for a period of 3 months.Definitely recommend this place! We also managed to try out all the obstacles which is really worthwhile :)

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Went to Adventure HQ today. EXTREMELY worth it! Have both obstacle course and huge range of rock walls. Very refreshing for couples and families

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AWESOME experience had with both navigators Denise and Aza!!! Very helpful and lovely people, will definitely come again soon!

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Fun and adventurous indeed! Friendly instructors. Suitable for beginners as well!

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Love the experience! Facils Sabrina and Azhar were very supportive and kept all the participants very safe! Would recommend everyone to come and try out Adventure HQ!

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Had a great time at Adventure HQ with my cousins! We were guided throughout our session. Big thank you to Silas, Joey, Azar & Lilam for encouraging us to keep going and making it an enjoyable experience️️️️️

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Staff are friendly and helpful, and pays lots of attention on the safety of their customers. Kudos to the staff, especially to Fuzzy.One thing to take note of is that the helmets smells, so its good to wear a shower cap or bandana over your hair before putting the helmet on.

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Fun! Really well built and comfortable environment. Our specialists Azar and Zaffy paid attention to safety and were very encouraging. Thanks!

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It was very fun and adventurous. Obstacles had different levels of difficulty and fun and engaging for all ages!

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All the elements and activities were challenging but very fun! The instructor Joey was clear with her instructions and she was very patient and full of encouragement. Iskandar instructor was fun too. Overall great experience.

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It was great fun!! Naz and Putri took good care of us and were amazing!! Would definitely recommend visiting

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Joey was very nice and there was a lot of safety instructions before each station. We appreciate her help as we were afraid of completing the height obstacles but we managed to do part of it. We would come back again!

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Great experience! Staff were very cheerful and really helped those who were scared calmly. Despite restrictions, the place was managed very well. Definitely recommend coming with family/friends!

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Great experience.. All the staffs were friendly and encouraging. Even had a great interaction time with Mr Fauzan at the entrance. Will definitely be back again.

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Nazron is an amazing guide at AdventureHQ! Had a great time here. Will revisit again!

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Joey was wonderful and helpful during the obstacle course and entire journey. It was great fun having her as our guide!

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ZaHis explanations were very funny and was easy to understandErizaSame as the top and was kind.The athletic was fun and wasn’t too difficult but wasn’t too easy too.(just nice )Had a wonderful day at the park

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Very fun even for old folks like us!! staff here are very friendly and very helpful. Encouraging us along the way to complete the course. Help us conquer our fears

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Had a fun experience at the Adventure HQ! Instructors were all very encouraging and friendly! Multiple courses such as rock climbing, flying fox, cave crawl, giant slides and ninja warrior etc! Great family activity!

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3.5 hours is definitely enough to enjoy everything. Even though we took the 2nd session, it is not crowded at all. Downside is not air conditioned. However it is very well ventilated.

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Really fun! 3 hours+ well spent. Aishah & Bob were really attentive and skilful. Felt like I just finished a cardio exercise!!

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Great help from Dinesha for his kind service. We went for the ALL-ACCESS PASS which lasted almost half of the day. Challenging elements, you gotta find out what youre capable of!

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Huge fun at this place, special shoutout to the instructors guiding the group

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Great adventure. Joey is a great facilitator!

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Had such a great time here! Aza and Eugene were especially patient and gave clear instructions/ demonstrations. Would definitely recommend to friends and family!

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Za ErizaI had a wonderful time playing in this place.I very enjoyed everything but I was a bit scared at the last station.I hope I can come here with my friend again!Thankyou very much!(୨୧•͈ᴗ•͈)◞ᵗʱᵃᵑᵏઽ*♡

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Naufal and Putri have been great and ensured our safety at all times.

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Sabrina and Joey were amazing guides and very encouraging. They made me go all the way up one obstacle even though i was afraid!!!

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Had a pretty great time here. Facilitator Joey and Naufal were accommodating! Recommend you come on down

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Facilitator Joey is very kind and patient. Very fun!

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